It is a hard problem to get proper feedback when using Natural Interface to control your PC. KinVi is developed to address this problem by constructing a virtual environment that interact with human. In KinVi, the user can control Windows 7 by interacting with the virtual touch pad, handwriting pad, buttons, doors and other objects. By this means the user can get the most intuitive and natural visual feedback when using NI. After a period of training, the user can even make the 3D world window transparent or completely invisible and still be able to perform correct gestures.


Kinect Win7 Control V2

We are actively working on the research of using Kinect to control Windows system. In this new version we integrated some new features which we think are useful to make the use of Kinect easier. We'd like to share our experience and want to hear feedback from you about the usability of our code.

(Video demo and binary release are coming soon)





1. Multiple options to control the mouse movement and click.

Kinect Win7 Control with Fast Text Input Method

This is the demo of our Kinect Win7 control program which provides full support of mouse and keyboard operations. This demo simulates the 8Pen Android input application and shows the advantages and potential applications of using novel text input methods for natural interface against traditional ones, such as an on-screen keyboard. This program uses OpenNI framework.

Interactive Molecular Manipulation Using Kinect

I'm using the Kinect to control the molecular animation in 3D. Thanks to the OpenKinect driver and Jmol (open-source Java viewer for 3d chemical structures).

There is an old version of similar demo that using pure vision approach.

Kinect With Robot

3D reconstruction


Human tracking


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