Kinect Win7 Control V2

We are actively working on the research of using Kinect to control Windows system. In this new version we integrated some new features which we think are useful to make the use of Kinect easier. We'd like to share our experience and want to hear feedback from you about the usability of our code.

(Video demo and binary release are coming soon)





1. Multiple options to control the mouse movement and click.

There are two options to control the mouse, cursor-in-hand mode and the touchpad mode. We put the shadow on the screen to achieve better visual feedback when using mouse (adjustable).

Cursor-in-hand mode: Touchpad mode: 

Finger gestures can be recogized to achieve easy and precise mouse click.



2. 8Pen style input and control panel

In addition to applying the 8pan style keyboard in Kinect text input, we also tested the performance of using it as a system control panel. We don't want to abuse the 8pen style panel, but it seems that this kind of panel is useful for convenient and fast windows navigation.




3. Application specific multi-touch command

User is allowed to define applicatoin-specific commands to control common softwares on Windows 7 platform with multi-touch gestures, such as wave left, wave right, push,  click and drag (one or two hands).


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